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Excel Lab was founded upon core values of patient priority and accurate testing. During the past 28 years we have built up a legendary reputation for excellence in both, from a small local lab we have grown to become a National network. However our goal remains unchanged – to serve each patient with the same care and service that is at the core of our organization.

Our Team of Qualified Pathologists

  • Pathologists review and sign all reports and are available to discuss your results
  • Qualified and well trained technical staff with BSc (MLT), MSc and Mphil degrees
  • Hard working support staff ensures a clean and welcoming environment.

International quality standards are ensured through integrated pathologist/ technical staff teams. Markedly abnormal results are retested free of charge to double-check their accuracy.


EXCEPTIONAL Patient Service

Our staff is trained to treat all our clients respectfully and courteously and every effort is made to provide reports quickly and easily through SMS, email and Internet. Customer Service is available to call/text very abnormal (Panic) test results and to ensure that queries and concerns are handled quickly and professionally. Poor patients are given discounts and urgent results for hospitalized patients are done without extra charges.


We use top of the line analyzers from leading international brands such Abbott (USA), Roche (Germany) , Sysmex (Japan) and Becton Dickinson (USA). The testing reagents used are directly obtained from the manufacturers and daily Quality Control is part of our ethos.


Integrated barcode system for efficient sample tracking.

Customized information management system for accurate & fast reporting.

Excel Labs is the only lab in Pakistan to have participated in the external Quality Assurance program of the College of American Pathologists for more than 20 years. By doing so, we have successfully met the CLIA standards specified for US labs

Excel Labs has also developed and implemented a quality management system that complies with the international standard ISO 9001:2015.