Discounted Health Packages

Executive Health Package

Wellbeing Health Screening Package for employees.

Healthy Employees Build A Healthy Organization

Corporate Healthcare is an ever increasing necessity of the modern conglomerate. Any organization’s human capital, is its most valuable resource and their emotional, physical and mental health is pivotal to yield efficiency and productivity.

At Excel Labs we offer tailor-made solutions, under one roof, that can cater to your organization’s unique healthcare challenges, with particular emphasis on workforce satisfaction and client management.

* The following tests are included in the aforementioned packages and are exclusively available at selected collection points

Eye Consultation, X-Ray Chest, Ultrasound Abdomen, ECG, Consultation with Medical Officer & Dentist.


Male Packages

32,500 40,790


Female Packages

29,990 37,490

Discounted Health Packages

Get comprehensive healthcare checkup through our specialized test profiles.

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