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Corporate Healthcare is an ever increasing necessity of the modern conglomerate. Your organisation’s human capital is it’s most valuable resource. It’s emotional, physical and mental health is pivotal to yield efficiency and productivity. At Excel Labs we offer tailor-made solutions, under one roof, that can cater to your organisation’s unique healthcare challenges, with particular emphasis on workforce satisfaction and client management.


HEALTH ON WHEELS: - On site services

We are unique in offering ‘Health on Wheels’, through which we can now provide all these services on site. Our state of the art, specially designed Mobile Health Unit is equipped to provide all the above mentioned services and can be taken to any corner of the country. Now you don’t have to worry about moving your staff to large cities, sacrificing productivity and adding costs. Our Mobile Health Unit will arrive at your doorstep and our highly experienced team will make sure that your regular production schedule is not disturbed and that all your workers are healthy and fit to work.
For information please contact:
Faran Sattar 0300 050 6380
Corporate Outreach Representative

Khawaja Farooq 0300 080 8933
Associate Manager Corporate

Shahmir Hamid 0300 060 6956
Business Development & Communications Executive

Adeel Anwar Khan 0309 222 2434
Business Development Manager

Excel Labs Pvt. Ltd. Main Lab 051-831021